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Alastair Simeson asimeson@kslawfirm.ca
Andre Bruce abruce@oshawalawyers.com
Andrew Elrick aelrick@oshawalaw.com
Archie Palinka apalinka@uniforlsp.com
Arkadiusz Empel aempel@kykovempel.com
Ashley-Rose Gillespie ashley@gillespielawyers.ca
Barry Evans barry@barryevans.ca
Daniel Balena lynn@danielbalena.com
Daniel Evans daniel@barryevans.ca
David Gillespie david@gillespielawyers.ca
Don Harvey dharvey@contelawyers.ca
Edward Bergeron bergeron@bergeronclifford.com
Ian Greenway igreenway@oshawalawyers.com
Jamie Bruce jbruce@oshawalawyers.com
Jane Conte jconte@contelawyers.ca
Jeffrey Robles jrobles@reillyandpartners.com
Joseph Sussman sussmanjoseph@gmail.com
Joshua Evans joshua@barryevans.ca
Kyle Armagon kcarmagon@walkerhead.com
Laura Wright laura@wardenwright.com
Lawrence Berg lawrence@berglaw.ca
Marianne Davies mdavies@fmlaw.ca
Michael Chadwick mchadwick@fmlaw.ca
Michael Wooderson michael@thomasefrainllp.com
Murray Miskin mhmiskin@gmail.com
Nathan Prince nprince@sff-law.ca
Naureet Jaswal njaswal@contelawyers.ca
Peter Esfandiari pesfandiarie@contelawyers.ca
R.J Ford rjford@sff-law.ca
Ramona Abraham ramona.abraham.law@gmail.com
Richard Campbell rcampbell@fmlaw.ca
Robert Zochodne rzochodne@zb-law.com
Ronald Strike rstrike@willdavidson.ca
Sharon Warden sharon@wardenwright.com
Sydney Lloyd sydney@mcmurtylaw.ca 
Todd McCarthy tmccarthy@fmlaw.ca
Viktoriya Tereutyeva viktoriya@desalegal.ca
Warren Whiteknight whiteknight@bergeronclifford.com


Our Association offers CPD from the LSO as well workshops within the Library and Lunch & Learn Events within the Courthouse. Click here to see the latest


Members will find all business and social events within the Library and Association here. We are password protected. Email librarian for further details.
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