Welcome to the Library. Our Mission is to service our members in a timely fashion. The fastest means to your needs is via email. Please do not hesitate to contact the library for reference, research or facility needs.

Key Contact:
Jennie Clarke, Law Librarian/Webmaster

The library is situated on the main floor of the Durham Region Courthouse.  The lawyers’ lounge features robing rooms that are adjacent to the library.  Lockers are available to members and visiting lawyers.  The library has a TV/VCR and DVD facilities.  Word processing and printing capabilities are available.
Our library has a rich collection of Canadian and British case reports, digests and treatises, looseleaf services, Canadian statutes (federal and provincial), selected journals, C.L.E. materials, and government publications.
Electronic Resources and Internet:
On all of the library’s computers, there is online access to many references such as LexisNexis Quicklaw, Wrongful Dismissal, O'Briens Online, and Heinonline. The Internet is available on the 8 computers as well as two laptops. You are welcome to use your own mobile device through the wireless connection. Please ask the librarian for the WIFI password.

All CPD held in the library will be viewed via webcast on our TV in the library.
Circulation Policy:
Members may borrow texts for two days and law reports for up to 24 hours. Other items may be borrowed at the discretion of the librarian. Interlibrary loan is available upon request.
Hours of Operation:
Hours: The Library is staffed from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Paid-up members have 24 hour access to the library.
Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery
Library staff will make every attempt to borrow material from other libraries via email, courier or fax.
Library staff will answer all questions and assist you in finding material in the library.  The best way to communicate is via email.
Computer-Assisted Research
We provide a computer-assisted search service. The Librarian will help to formulate the search and will act as the intermediary at the computer.
Photocopy/FAX/Scan Service
Photocopy self service .25 ¢per page. The library operates under the guidelines of the Copyright Act. Please have exact change available to pay library staff.

Board of Directors

Mark Jacula - President
Michelle Brown - Vice President
Denise Branton- Vice President
Trevor Winter- Secretary
Ian Greenway- Treasurer
Ramona Abraham
Sandra Grant
Jason Hunt
Krystal Manitius
Cameron Murkar
Sara Samet
Doug Turner


Durham Region Court House


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